Greenland Dock

The largest and the deepest of the clubs three waters. Greenland Dock is approximately 25 acres in size with depths in places in excess of 35ft depending on the tide. Unlike the other docks Greenland is linked to the tidal Thames via Rainbow cut and its smaller sister Dock South Quay where Fishing is strictly prohibited. The depths vary on a weekly/daily basis according to the depth of the river at the time when the lock gates to the Thames in South Quay are opened & closed. when these gates are opened it allows fish to pass freely from the river into the dock and vice versa. This being said, and in particularly carp that are known to live here have been present for many years and are not thought to migrate into the Thames seeing as they have been documented to be in here consistently for over a decade. The Eastern end of Greenland Dock is home to a marina which houses a number of boats and floating residences. Fishing on Greenland Dock is restricted to certain areas and casting towards the floating residences is NOT allowed. 


“ The Big Dock” as it is known boasts a large number of Bream some of which are well over 10lb and many of them going 6lb plus. 100lb plus hauls of bream have been recorded although they are rare. Carp are also present here. Unconfirmed captures of fish to the mid thirty-pound mark have been reported & rumours of a fish that is far bigger than any confirmed or unconfirmed captures from any of our waters is said reside in the depths of Greenland Dock. These rumours have circulated for many years and Sighting of this fish have come from trusted sources within the club’s membership as well as one of our serving bailiffs who has been chasing her for several seasons. This mythical monster has so far alluded all that have come in search of her. The largest confirmed resident is a ghost carp affectionately and aptly known as “Moby Dick.” This old and beautiful creature was last caught from the surface in 2017 at her top weight so far of 32lb. The carp stock in here is thought to be of around 100 fish with a good head of mid twenty pounders and plenty of double figure fish. Four, five, six & even seven fish hits have been known as recently as January 2019 and among them has been a Leather carp of 29lb.

Other species that call Greenland dock their home are not just fresh water fish! Yes, you did read that last sentence correctly. NOT JUST FRESH WATER FISH! Confirmed species to have been caught from Greenland Dock over the years apart from the for mentioned Bream & Carp are, Pike, Perch, Rudd, Roach, Grass Carp, Zander, Chub, Barbel, Eels, Pope, Trout, Sprats, Mullet & Flounder. These other species gain access to the Dock via the previously mentioned lock gates in South Quay Marina and turn up at certain times of the year although not every year. This is by no means an easy water and at times can be a real head banger. Vast amounts of this venue are out of bounds which undoubtedly contributes to how hard this venue can be at times. Not to mention the vast open featureless areas, contradicted with small features of un-fishable snaggy areas that the fish know and love, it makes for a real challenge and is definitely not a place for the faint hearted.